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Really thank you so much.
I figured out what the error was.


SIRAY LTD in the company document


how do i solve this problem


You’ll need to amend your company name on Amazon to match your document from companies house. I’ve never actually had to do this business name change, so not sure how you would do this.


I will ask amazon for help.



How do I submit required information?
To update the primary contact person information/beneficial owner information Seller Central, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the “Identity information” section of Seller Central.
  2. Expand the field labelled Primary contact/Beneficial owner
  3. Follow the prompts to amend the information.
  4. Click “Save” and then “Submit for verification”.

I’m really crazy
my id number is not wrong


You need to go to identity information and click edit but instead of changing the beneficial owner information, you need to change the company name


I can’t see an error in my credentials


  • We’re sorry, but we encountered an error while processing your request.

RID: 7C5JPPVS1GB13Z5DAYQJ When: 2023-03-20T20:25:48.410Z
it gives an error, I can’t enter, the first thing I do is to change
it says wrong id number
but not wrong
i’m confused what to do
I hope all bugs will be fixed when I fix it as SIRAY LTD.


By the way, English LTD is automatically translated into Turkish as LTD ŞTİ. That’s why I couldn’t see the error. I guess it was translated automatically because my computer is TR
the error occurred as


Can you change the company name and delete and re-enter the company number?


the system gives an error
My first job will be to do this.


the system won’t let me correct my company name and number.
I emailed amazon


1st mistake:
We were unable to verify some of your primary contact information
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Proof of identity - Driving licence

  • The document number on the identity document does not match the document number entered in Seller Central.

Proof of Address - Bank account statement

  • The address in the identity document does not match the address entered in Seller Central.
    but not wrong
    2st mistake:
    We were unable to verify some of your business information. Please check your Performance Notification to provide the required document or information.

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Statutes (by-laws/articles of association) - Upload document

  • Invalid Document
    I have uploaded all the company documents.
    Proof of Address - Bank statement
    The address on the ID document does not match the address entered in Seller Central.
    this is a new problem


So unfortunately that sounds like a lot of details are wrong


It would be nice if I knew how to fix it.
I tried all the numbers in the ID. always got a negative response.
For the company, as you say, probably because of the name.

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