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Using my login details which are approved by Amazon
These are separate emails and completely different for each account


But you accessed both accounts on the same device ?


Someone else was in a similar situation - accounts linked by BR

I have linked the thread above . Maybe you can ask on that thread if that seller ever sorted it

Are you a VA ? Do you access any other accounts ?


Not sure what VA means.
Yes I have worked on many other accounts and this has never happened before.
Working on both VC and SC accounts.
I would have thought if this was going to happen it would be between two accounts that are SC rather than one VC and one SC
I read through the OP and did not see any resolution to the case, and although it is similar it is not really the same thing.
But I think this highlights an issue for Amazon with Brand Registry and dormant merchant ID’s that seem to have been created in the process by Brand Registry. No one seems to be addressing that issue.


Virtual assistant


Dear Pia
I responded to your reply yesterday, but you have not come back to this, are you able to offer any further insight as to how we can resolve this issue.
Please bear in mind that it is impossible to follow the action points already offered as we cannot do anything from this dormant account.
We really need Amazon to look into this issue and find actions we can follow.


Hello @Choc_on_Choc1,

I am Mary from Amazon, here to assist you.

With all the above information that you have posted I understand that you need help in getting your account reactivation. It seems like your account has been deactivated as the team has identified that it is linked to another account. There can be multiple reasons for your account being linked to another account.

In this case I would recommend you to first try to have a deep dive research from your end to identify how your account might have got linked.

Firstly, please identify the relation between your account and primary account by following the below mentioned steps:

• Verify with your staff, colleagues, friends, relatives and vendors.

• If you have used any third-party services to manage your account, confirm with them if the related account belongs to them or if they have anytime managed it.

• If you have used any open Wi-Fi to operate your amazon account.

After identifying the relation between both the accounts, follow below mentioned steps:

• If the relation is through staff or colleagues, provide any proof of documents like appointment letter or termination letter or relieving letter.

• If the relation is through family members or friends, explain the situation clearly on appeal with supporting documents.

• If the relation is through a third-party service, explain in POA and submit supporting documents like contract document, contract termination document, invoices of transactions between you and the third-party.

Reactivate any and all accounts that have been enforced for policy violation by submitting one appeal for each enforcement. Please follow the instructions in the Performance Notification that you received for that account.

If there is any other evidence or document that you believe you can prove that you have no relation with any other account, please submit them.

You can also view our help pages to understand how you can address these violations

To understand and learn more about the policies, please visit Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct

If you need any further assistance, you can post here so that we or any of the sellers on forum can help you.




Dear Mary

Thank you for the reply

The problem is you have not read all the details or your reply would have contained a different solution that would be better suited to the actual problem.
We have already done everything you suggest and more, however nothing is being accepted as this issue is not the normal linked account problem and that is why I wrote on here in the first place.
Explaining the issue does not seem to help as pretty much all Amazon personal are stuck within the very tight parameters set out by Amazon.
In this case it needs the correct team to look at the wide picture and try to find why Brand Registry opened the account in the first place, and it was brand registry who opened this account. Then Amazon might see that this account was never linked to any account, least of all Choconchoc especially as it was opened for another company, and this was a whole year before we set up Choconchoc on Amazon.
The only link between these accounts is me and my computer that is it, and I have worked for both companies. This is very simple, the two accounts contain completely different company details, with no crossover of products. The trouble is Amazon only look at a very small part of the picture and the system has somehow linked the accounts and shut Choconchoc down as a result.

I would really like it if you could do more research into the accounts and come up with a real solution that we can action.


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