Help setting up, been deactivated


Hello @Sazzjazzy,

This is Noor from Amazon to assist you.

Thanks for providing the details here.

As mentioned that both the accounts are yours, please submit an appeal following the performance notification on account deactivation and provide supporting documentation to show that you no longer have relation with this account.

You will have to provide the above details, stating that you no longer own the account and provide details that the accounts are no longer related with each other. The proof of documents that can be attached are available as well.


Kindly reactivate the account ‘sazzjazzy’ and once the account has been reactivated, you can proceed with reactivating your other account.

Additionally you can also create a case with our partner team and describe the issue in detail through the help section of seller central.

Do let us know if you need any further assistance in this regard. The forums community and I are here to assist you.

Thanks & Regards,


I have had an email saying that my account has been reactivated. I’ve just gone to sign and still says I’m deactivated i assume this takes a while to catch up maybe ?
in reply to your message, I don’t want sazzjazzy so can I just delete this account now? is there anything i need to when i delete it for proof so i can reactivate my jlit trading account?


AFAIK it’s the first one you need to get up and running and the second closed



You have been found to be related to an account beginning with Sazzjazzy.

We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your account at this time.

To reactivate your account, please provide evidence that you once owned the account or had account rights but no longer own it or no longer have account rights by providing supporting documentation. This includes but is not limited to sales deed, purchase agreement, business transfer agreement, or contract termination.

i assume here that contract termination is closing the account. i get from it that i need to prove that im no longer tied to sazzjazzy.


You are linked to them though

Reactivation of the 1st account should reinstate the 2nd account


yeah i hope so. does it normally take a while to all catch up? i got an email saying ive been reactivated but still says on seller central im deactivated. i understand im linked to them both but never wanted the sazzjazzy one i only want the JLIT TRADING account which is the second one.



I was told by all the people i spoke to at amazon that in order to get my JLIT TRADING running then id need to delete the sazzjazzy account. got this email saying reactivated but still saying deactivated on both accounts


So I haven’t been reactivated. That message I put up was as an email and doesn’t show up in my notifications, does this make a difference?
So now they are saying verification has failed on my payment method but I’ve only just done this. What do I need to enter/do in order to be correct? I’ve added a screenshot of latest message. I thought I had it this morning but feels as though back to square one


Oh and it won’t let me contact via phone call and emails just seem generic, not much help


The activated screenshot was from the jlit account
The failed verification was from your sazz account

Failing verification on that first account means both will remain deactivated


I was signed in to the jlit account when I posted that. That screen shot is definitely from sazzjazzy account. Because of the drivers licence problem I assume that would affect my details on bank statement. Is that right? So now all addresses match up on I.d and bank statements


Just feels like I’m going round in circles the sazzjazzy account says invalid under account info but the jlit one doesn’t seems to be set up fine. I keep telling them that sazzjazzy wasn’t set up in the first place but get the same crappy automatic response. Getting so stressed out about it all


Hi @Sazzjazzy,

This is Pia from Amazon to help you.

From the thread, I understand that you need help account reactivation. You ended up creating two accounts which were deactivated as they have violated Amazon’s multiple account policy.

Please refer this video to know about multiple selling account policies in detail.

In order to reactivate your account, you must get

account activated by completing the verification procedure.

Once this is activated, you can submit an appeal from

stating that Sazzjazzy account was reactivated.

Once both are activated, you can choose to close one account permanently and continue working with one selling account.

While you are working on the verification of Sazzjazzy account, please ensure to provide all valid documents which were asked when your account got deactivated.

You must complete the video verification call in order to complete the verification procedure. In case, you are unable to set the video call for verification, you can reach out to our support team by clicking here

Please ensure to explain in detail about your issue while creating the case.

We really hope that we were able to answer your questions.

Please let us know if you have any additional concerns.




Thanks for your message. i will try again but every time i send info over i get a message back saying its not correct. i ask what is needed but don’t ever get any answers. i have sent bank statements, card details, utility bill and photo i.d as well as doing a video call. the thing is that i keep saying but again doesn’t get answered is that the account wasn’t properly set up in the first place. my account for sazzjazzy says my account status is invalid but the jlit trading one looks ok. is this normal to say invalid. i just got an email saying cant verify my deposit method. what else can i do I’ve sent my bank account details and an in date statement. Pia can you arrange for someone to call me ? I don’t have a option to request a call on the sazzjazzy account and on jlit it just comes up with internal error.


I’ve now got a notification saying its not my name on statement and out of date. Its not. It has every detail needed trust been through with a fine tooth comb. Why is this happening ? The whole thing started Sept last year but because I didn’t know I had this account I didn’t know I was deactivated. Would the timing make a difference? Tia


In your sazz account , go to settings - account info - identity info
Did you put your own name or your trading name ?


Thanks for your reply here is a screen shot of what it says there.


If that’s for utility bill request , I don’t think bank statement is on there as an accepted doc
Have you got gas or electric bill in your name at your registered residential address ?


And this on the info page ! But all my account info and everythingare what they asked for