Deactivation - Seller code of conduct (HELP!)


Hello @Uk_Distro,

This is Noor from Amazon to assist you.

We understand that you need assistance with account reactivation and appeal support.

As correctly mentioned by @Demel, it is necessary that you describe how exactly the policy was violated?

  • Resources used to violate the policy?
  • If there was any 3rd party involved?
  • If there were any transactions in place, how did that happen?

It is very important that you clearly describe the issue that led to the violation of our policy.

Also, for a more detailed conversation on the same, would suggest you to reach out to the Account health support team through the Call me now button available on the Account health page.

The forums community and I are here to assist you. Do reach out if you need any further assistance.

Thanks & Regards,


Op tried to price fix !


I notice that you -Amazon- are guilty of exactly the same contravention of the law and for that matter your own policy, that the OP is. Your pricing policy and its regular suspension of listings due to Potential high pricing error! and Recommended price are also examples of price fixing and manipulation.

Perhaps you should deactivate your own account.


Do the plane based on its a small company, don’t make it sound like you have 100’s of people working in a team when its only 2-3 people running it.


Amazon didn’t ask for a plan
They said submit an explanation if the section 3 deactivation is an error

Op has admitted breaking amazon policy - and the law - therefore I would be amazed at any reinstatement


Best advice? Hoppit !! :frog:

It’s bad enough all the hoops that sellers have to jump through on Amazon just to make a decent return, without other sellers colluding to fix the prices of goods on sale and making their lives even harder. I cannot imagine there will be a great deal of sympathy from fellow sellers here and, to be honest, I’m surprised you have opened this thread in the first place? Had it been me, I would have just disappeared quietly.


I honestly don’t think OP understands the severity of what he’s done :confused:


Agreed, Amanda.


The only feedback I can give is that you literally broke the law, in such a way that you should have your account removed. No one could ever claim that they didn’t know that was wrong.


Ignorance isn’t a good enough excuse in situations as serious as this and with such severe knock on effects to the Amazon brand and public view of buying from Amazon, and therefore everyone of us and our businesses.

There is NO further conversation.

Retro-Emporium said it best.



It also might be wise to find/consult a lawyer now as this is now on the world wide web

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