Compliance Documentation Getting Rejected


Yes , and for toys sold via FBA , an EU address for sales to Northern Ireland
Look up EU responsible person

Did you invest much ?


a fair amount, I bought 160 units of the product.


At least it wasn’t 16000 …


Having my personal address on the products… not sure I feel comfortable.


It needs to be a contact address for you
You need to research what that address can be


Will do, thank you.


Out of interest., where did you get the idea for importing toys to sell on Amazon ?


Heard of alibaba drop shipping so I researched around that.

I wanted to sell educational development toys.


OK, you can’t use Ali to drop ship on amazon


Because they from China?


Because of amazons strict dropshipping policy


On Youtube by any chance ?


Possibly did yes.


take everything they say with a pinch of salt
they will not (and have not) tell you about all your responsibilities
if they did, you would probably have stopped watching their channels


Any advice?


As above, ignore youtubers and influencers and check out the official websites - , trading standards etc
And for amazons policies, their own seller university


The_Little_ Shop has already said what you need to do.


Wow just wow.
The op is putting themselves at massive risk of litigation.
Toys is a catergory we would steer well clear of, too much red tape.
If I was the OP i would forget this idea and put it down to a bad no a very bad descision.


OP meaning me then I assume?


You’d assume correctly.

You’re breaching a lot of UK & EU health and safety legislation (toys are specifically heavily legislated and need all the T’s crossed and the i’s dotted)
And you’re breaching Amazons rules by listing them without the correct information, and having them in the FC (presumably on sale) right now.

The sooner you get them returned to you, the less likely you are to end up in trouble with any authority.