Compliance Documentation Getting Rejected


So who’s contact info is on the product/packaging safety labels ? Ce / ukca etc


Have you researched your responsibilities as an importer and notified your insurance company ?



Where’s the UK and EU address ?


I have a tracking barcode to the FBA warehouse with the UK Address.


No, I mean you responsible person address ?

All new toys that you supply in the course of a business must be marked with: the name and address of the manufacturer, or if the manufacturer is outside of the UK, the name and address of the manufacturer and the importer into the UK. type, batch, serial or model number. the UKCA mark.


That I do not have. Item’s are already in the warehouse. How do I fix this?


See section 7


That was what the manufacturer sent through from them to FBA Warehouse


You’ll need to remove them

It’s not down to the manufacturer, it’s down to you as the importer


They are in the FBA Warehouse now in England. So how do I generate the above mentioned with UK Address on the product?


You’ll need to remove them to a UK mainland address to get the info added


How do I do that?


Will Amazon re-barcode the items for me if I send correct labels


It’s not the amazon barcode labels that need the importers details - its the product itself

You need to research importing toys into uk - see link above


I am a bit confused sorry.


Did you read the link to the government website i put above - section 7 - importers requirements ?

You are an importer of toys
As such, you need your name and address on the products themselves - nothing to do with amazon - its UK law

Amazon will not add any labels for you

You need to remove all stock to a UK mainland address (they won’t ship to IOM) and get all your safety info correct including your UK contact details and EU contact details for sales to NI

All this should’ve been researched and done before you bought the stock and imported

Have you actually got product liability insurance ?


I honestly thought I did do my research. This is why I wanted to start with one product. I have been waiting for a quote for insurance yes.


Always check the gov website as a first port of call

Make sure you inform the insurer you are importing from china otherwise you may invalidate any policy


Thanks for the advice. So I need to re-label products then, with my company name and address? and then send back to FBA Warehouse?