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So you need to select privately owned business and enter your Pakistani government tax number etc

Privately-owned (such as Limited, Partnership, International Sole Proprietor): A business controlled and operated by private individuals.


I don’t know about UTR but if you want I can upload one of Pakistani tax


It is not us that need it but you will need it to register for a BUSINESS Seller Account on Amazon.


Presumably you upload your registration number


Hey sellers,

I have to say I love seeing the determination to help @Usf_clothing, that said the topic discussed relates more to Account Health and thus I will be moving this thread to that topic so better assist can be provided, however feel free to keep posting!



Hello @Usf_clothing,

I’m Abella from Amazon, here to assist you.

From the post above, I understand that you have concerns related to “Verification Process”.

As per European Regulations and Laws, verifying your identity is required to allow you to use our payment service. You may need to provide us with certain information and/or documents in order to facilitate these checks.

To Know more about Verification Process please click here.

Please reach out to our support team by clicking on Help > Describe your issue.

Important: I would request you to check the last performance notification you may have received in regards with documentation requirement consisting Proof of Address document, such as: Utility Bill, Bank Statement or Credit Card Statement in the name of the Individual/primary contact person/beneficial owner and dated from the past 180 days.

The following information will help you to select the correct legal entity:

– Individual: You must only choose this legal entity if you do not sell for profit. Individual sellers may list unwanted personal items, such as old DVDs or books.
– UK Sole Proprietor: This legal entity is for any commercial individual who sells for profit. A Sole Proprietorship is registered with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). There is no legal distinction between the owner and the business.
– State-owned: A business that is either wholly or partially owned and operated by a government.
– Publicly-listed: A business with shares listed on a stock exchange for public trading.
– Privately-owned (such as Limited, Partnership, International Sole Proprietor): A business controlled and operated by private individuals.
– Charity: Incorporated or non-incorporated tax-exempt body.

If you need any further assistance, you can post here so that we or any of the sellers on forum can help you.



I have to change legal entity but when i go on “Identity Information” I haven’t got a section called “Review your country of establishment and business type”, just " Primary Contact" anyone can help with this?


You need to ask seller support to reopen that section of your account so that you can update it


Thank you very much for your quick response! Appreciate it a lot!