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Sorry just watched a film lol

As saud, if you don’t want to sell here, don’t register as a business here

Go on the US forum and ask on there about setting up a business


However the notification you posted on your other thread 2 days ago states you must change your legal entity within 60 days or UK and EU will be deactivated, and this will also deactivate the US account

Failure to update the requested information within 60 days from the first contact may impact your ability to sell on Amazon UK and Amazon EU stores


In January you told me you were a sole trader with a shop in Pakistan, what changed??


Yes, that is exactly the case


Yes, that’s what I told in January, but during that time my account was deactivated
Now a few days ago I uploaded a utility bill with appeal and my account was reactivated
Then a day later I got this notification

We are contacting you because you have incorrectly selected the individual legal entity during registration of your Selling on Amazon account.
The individual legal entity option is currently only available to sellers based in the EU or the UK, selling on Amazon UK or Amazon EU stores.
To proceed with the account verification, you have to register with the correct legal entity.

What happens if I do not update the required information?
Failure to update the requested information within 60 days from the first contact may impact your ability to sell on Amazon UK and Amazon EU stores.

Use the following information to select the correct legal entity:
– Sole Proprietor: This legal entity is applicable for any individuals who sell for profit. A sole proprietorship is registered with local authorities. There is no legal distinction between the owner and the business.
– UK Sole Proprietor: This legal entity applies exclusively to UK individuals who sell for profit. UK sole proprietorship is registered with the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). There is no legal distinction between the owner and the business.
– State-owned business: This is a business that is either wholly or partially owned and operated by a government.
– Publicly-listed business: This is a business with shares listed on a stock exchange for public trading.
– Privately-owned business: These entities, such as limited companies or partnerships, are businesses controlled and operated by private individuals.
– Charity: This is an incorporated or non-incorporated tax-exempt body.

How do I update the required information?
To update your legal entity in Seller Central,

  1. Go to "Identity .com/sw/SSR/BusinessKYCInfo/spaDashboard
  2. In the “Review your country of establishment and business type” section, click “Update now.”
  3. Select your business location country and correct legal entity.
  4. Confirm your business details and click “Save.”
  5. Click “Submit for Verification.”


I apologize to everyone yesterday was very late and I sleep


So that is clearly telling you you need to change the legal entity on your account from Individual seller account to an Amazon BUSINESS Seller Account.
The utility etc is usually for your personal ID, they also need to verify your business info.


Ok I understand if I upgrade my seller to business then I have to upload the utility bill of the business address I have given.


You have to register as a business - presumably either in Pakistan or USA (if possible) as you don’t want any trade in uk

The address of the utility bill for uk site will need to be your residential address , but that may differ in US


Not IF, but you MUST.

I honestly do not know the certain answer to the second question - but others will, but I believe the utility is for your personal ID, for business checks they need your UTR or Ltd co. documents (if in UK) or the equivalent in whatever country you wish to trade in.
Did you not say that you want to sell in US and not UK/EU ?


If don’t have any company, why lying???


I couldn’t understand you why would I lie


Do you have any sort of business correctly registered in any country (US or Pakistan) - sole trader, partnership, ltd ?


No I don’t have any LTD company


You don’t have to have a ltd company, many sellers on here are sole-traders (or whatever is the equivalent in your own country).
…but surely if you have a shop you do have to be registered as a business, keep accounts and pay taxes ?


Yes, I have a shop in Pakistan and I also pay tax for it, it is registered with the government
So will Amazon accept it?


What is sole proprietorship in Pakistan?

A sole proprietorship also known as a sole trader/sole owner, or simply proprietorship is a type of business entity, which is owned and run by one individual and where there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business .

So are you a proprietorship?

If so, then you should be able to register as this on Amazon.
The same setup works for all sites.

For instance, I am registered as a sole trader in the UK. I have selling accounts through Europe and the USA. All registered in the same entitiy.


Yes I am the owner of the shop and it is registered in my name


I have the official document of the government of Pakistan regarding tax


Then that’s exactly what you use to register with.

I presume that in Pakistan, there is an equivalent of the UTR number, that registers you as a proprietorship. So you will need that as well.