Appeal Nightmare - 24 Appeals Rejected


The reply back from Amazon indicates that the listings will remain deactivated unless they receive sufficient information.

It looks like Amazon might be thinking you are trying to appeal the listing takedowns. This is not what you are doing you are appealing for the account to be reinstated acknowledging the listing infringements.

No where in their response does it acknowledge you are asking for your account to be reinstated.

Maybe it is better not to mention any ASIN’s in the appeal and just mention that you want to have your account reinstated but acknowledging that you have made mistakes in the past and present your plan of action going forward.

The plan of action looks okay to be honest. Much better than before.


Hello @Mary_Amazon and @Noor_Amazon

Can you please respond with additional help? I posted sufficient information, yet none of the official Amazon associates have replied or given any helpful reply.

We have submitted 25 appeals, had hours of phone calls with the account health team. We are providing all of the requested information in each appeal. Can you please carefully review and assist?

Is there any way to get our UK account reinstated?

Marlon Fronhofer


@Mary_Amazon and @Noor_Amazon



Hello @FRONHOFER_Guertel,

This is Noor from Amazon to assist you.

As mentioned post above, kindly go through the questions we’ve mentioned.

Your preventive measures has to be very detailed.

How are you going to verify your new suppliers? Have you checked their documents? On what basis have you come to a conclusion that your new suppliers are providing authentic products?

In the appeal, the steps/process you’ve taken/developed, we’d suggest that you describe them.

Additionally, we recommend you to reach out to the Account health support team through the Call me now button on your account health page.

Thanks & Regards,


Hello @Noor_Amazon,

well we adjusted the plan to include everything suggested here by Amazon employees (@Noor_Amazon), we even attached an invoice from our buckle supplier. We were rejected within 3 minutes, making it clear that nobody is reviewing the appeal at all.

Are other people having similar issues? This is looking more and more like a class action lawsuit against Amazon.

Any other suggestions? Really struggling to think of any new options other than legal action.


Legal action for what?


Have you looked at the mediation option. This is available for sellers who have an eligible dispute with Amazon. I think yours may qualify.


This was my question. Reading your appeal, it reads like you either knowingly or accidentally purchased fakes of luxury belt buckles. We’re you selling them as Gucci etc?

I don’t imagine a legal route would get far once that bit of information is raised.

If you are lucky enough to have your EU amazon channels, it might be worth focussing your efforts on those instead.


I am not sure they do, if you read the wording of the Amazon notification it asks them to provide proof that they DIDN’T infringe anyone’s IP and to explain why Amazon thinks they did. I think @osgood’s advice is correct, after 25 attempts I don’t think Amazon is going to reinstate their account.

Regarding legal action against Amazon, I think OP is lucky that those luxury brands haven’t taken legal action against them.


I probably didn’t explain it very well. The case does qualify for mediation as it is an eligible dispute and it is worth trying if all other avenues have been exhausted. This would be the last ditch effort for the OP as, like you, I don’t believe they will get reinstated through the normal appeal process.

It is highly possible though that they won’t get reinstated as Amazon takes a dim approach on counterfeit items being sold.


Dear comrades, thanks for your ideas and comments. It helps a lot. Dear @Smiley_Guy, awesome hint regarding the mediation. We will try it.

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