Account suspended since 5th January


That means they have not been able to verify you as a person - nothing to do with your bank or business

Unfortunately it’s as it says , you cannot sell on Amazon


I don’t know what advice I can give to other sellers in my position, I’ve been selling since 2016. I have UTR, sole trader status, an address, a bank account, they even have my passport details!

I’ve been selling and sending my orders all that time. I’m still wanting to sell for Amazon and myself.

Does anyone know what the account level reserve of £200 means?


It sounds like you have been trading as an individual rather that the business you really are for the last 7-8 years? Thats a long time so maybe thats why they wont now allow your account??
Sounds like they wont open up your settings to enable you to change them to all match and be properly registered now. (Assume you have checked that ALL your names and details now fully match up).

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