Account erroneously suspended


Hi @Aspect1,

This is Pia from Amazon to assist you with your account reactivation.

You are stating that you know nothing about the related account and unable to understand what documents to provide as proof and have submitted multiple appeals to prove the same.

We are forwarding this matter internally to the concerned team. They will reach out to you directly for further assistance.

Please be informed that internal reviews may take time in getting your issue resolved as this involves thorough investigation if your account.

Stay close to your emails/performance notifications for any updates and kindly follow up on the same, if required.

Thank you for your post. I hope my response is beneficial towards your business.



The battle has moved to LinkedIn:

Post | Feed | LinkedIn


The case that you created has just been deleted by seller support without them answering it. I need a contact for a real person who can help with this.


Have you looked at the mediation route ?


Next stage. When John personally and publicly on LinkedIn told me that someone in his team would look into it I foolishly believed him.


It costs £245! You have to click that you agree to pay a fee before you can do anything. I don’t feel like I should pay to have them resolve their mistake! It is just plain extortion!


I think its waived if you win


Their magnanimity knows no bounds!

Problem is that the mediator asks for evidence too. Which has been my point from the beginning: what evidence can I possibly provide? Plus I have no faith in such a corrupt system.


And you might find if you apply for mediation, you’ll simply get refused because they’ll look and go, just provide the evidence there’s nothing to mediate.

I feel your pain. Wish I had answer!


No one has replied to me. My Seller Support cases just get deleted (see screenshots)


And now they’ve suspended me again because I’m associated with Diggers Garden Products! How can I even get deactivated when I’m already deactivated? And who the hell are these people? And why will no one at Amazon speak to me? I think I’m moving to Ebay, I’ve had enough of this.


Check your EU sites for any bank details etc that aren’t yours

This is them



I haven’t even assigned a bank account to as I don’t use it. The deactivation notice was from (who also deactivated me last month)


I recall when there was a string of these a couple of years back, some accounts had been hacked and they all were linked
I think it was on .de ?!


Just spoke to the guy at Diggers. He has no idea why he was deactivated either. But he was deactivated two weeks ago, so why am I only now deactivated? None of it makes any sense. If we have been hacked only Amazon are going to know that.


Why was he deactivated ?
Performance - performance notifications


So a week after our last appeal was rejected and having submitted no further appeals because I couldn’t find out what they wanted, Amazon have reactivated us! As random and unprompted as our deactivation.

No explanation has been given as to why we were deactivated or why we have been reactivated.

For anyone ever in this position reading this, my advice is to do nothing. You can’t affect the process and you’ll just waste your time. Hopefully it will sort itself out!

I’m glad I didn’t pay for a mediator.


Someone from Amazon just rang us to personally apologise for this whole episode. Wonders will never cease! They still wouldn’t give us a contact to actually talk to a person, which would have circumvented the whole issue in the first place