Account erroneously suspended


How can you appeal something that you know nothing about ? - makes no sense at all.


I can’t contact seller support or anyone else because my account is deactivated. Catch-22. No one will tell me what this evidence/explanation is. I don’t know why they think we’re associated so how can I explain why they’re wrong? They have already verified our account so know everything there is to know about us. All it needs is for a human to look at it and see that there’s been an error, but apparently that’s too much to ask for!

We’ve been selling on Amazon for over eighteen years and have made hundreds of book titles available. All just thrown away due to complete stupidity and incompetence on their part.


You can’t be serious? You’re telling them to reactivate an account that has nothing to do with them in order to get their own account reactivated?

How could you possibly have typed that out and thought it was OK to post?


The most recent email I had from them actually said that I have to prove the association with the dodgy account to get reinstated. So first they say that we’re deactivated because of an assumed association and now they’re saying we’re deactived unless we can prove the association. They don’t even know what they’re saying!


@Aspect1 - have you tried the MD, as obviously SS and the Account Health mods are not properly reading or fully understanding.


Others have reported that mediation gets your account reactivated again.

You have to commit to paying for mediation but often it gets resolved before you pay anything.

In reality what happens is that someone with more knowledge looks at the issue and resolves it.


I used to write to the address for these issues but that’s not being monitored anymore. Thanks for this; I’ll try!


Yeah, I’ve read that. Amazon won’t give you an address to talk to a human so you have to pay someone who has the address to intervene. Basically a racket, isn’t it!


Let’s face it - Jeff is no longer the boss !, and better UK rather than .com.

All the cases (that have been reported on here, anyway) where sellers have tried mediation seem to have been resolved without the seller having to pay anything.
Might be worth looking in to if the MD doesn’t help.


Other sellers say that the issue is normally resolved before you pay anything. In my opinion it is just another way of escalating an issue and getting someone with the right authority to look at the issue.

No guarantees it will work and no guarantees you won’t have to pay the money but it is a possible way forward.

To be honest reading through threads like yours I think Amazon let themselves down by not telling you what the link is. I get they can’t give confidential data about the other seller but they could at least tell you how you are linked (name, address etc) so you have some chance of disputing it. Otherwise you are just whistling in the wind.


They expect you to guess where their error has occurred and fix it for them without access to any of the information. Even the video on multiple account violations says that if you have never heard of the other account and believe it was an error on Amazon’s part then to give evidence showing this. It’s a bit like when they ask for evidence showing that your parcel has’t been delivered. They don’t really understand how evidence works, do they?


Total rubbish I agree…I hope you get your issue resolved.



This is the offending account which appears to be active Florinaisacov

See one of their listings B008OJFY4G which leads you to and

Florinaisacov appears to be based in Crewe England. As the account is not suspended an explained link ie inventory, phone number typo etc…. Should help get your account reinstated.

I hope this helps you.


Oh, well done! Nothing much came up when I searched previously (except a dead link for luggage). Amazon themselves told me it was an account created for so that is rather strange if they’re based in Crewe. Either way, if they are now up and running again there is no reason why we shouldn’t be!


Their German account does appear inactive

I would imagine the stumbling block being verification of a non registered business or EPR perhaps or Vat issues selling there, either way the uk marketplace is currently OK.


Their German profile shows they are registered as an individual - not a business


And ‘just launched’ so maybe a replica account.


It’s a shame you can’t see their details just in case they are in fact using your address or phone number

If they are registered in eu as an individual, I would’ve thought they would be individual here too however, they are selling in baby category as new so evidently not …


Not a replica as it is the same seller Id for the UK and european marketplaces.


They often say just launched if they’ve had no feedback
2021 is when they joined uk