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You’ll need to actually tag in the forum mods otherwise they will probably not respond.



Help please




@Abella_Amazon @Maja_Amazon

the OP stated they had their credit cards cloned

It still seems hard to say how the OP can state they are not connected to something when they are not and Amazon are not providing the information of what the link is for them to be able to refute.


Hello @Umbongo-Bongo,

This is Abella from Amazon and would help you with your questions.

As you stated that your Credit cards cloned please submit a Plan of Action and the following documents:

  1. Police report
  2. Supporting letter from credit-card issuing institution
  3. Notarized and signed affidavit explaining the account compromise or identity theft, with date of occurrence
  4. Proof of identity such as driver’s license

If you cannot provide these documents, there must be a clear and detailed explanation as to why you are unable to provide these documents.

If you need any further assistance, you can post here so that we or any of the sellers on forum can help you.




How do request a call back from amazon. I am in a similar situation and no one from amazon is helping!



Each time Halifax has contacted me to say their had been suspicous activity and then sent me a new card. There is no crime reference number or letter from the bank. I can supply the dates.

Can someone tell me how to tag the mods please.


write the @ then the mods nickname

eg @Umbongo-Bongo


Hello @Umbongo-Bongo,

This is Xeno from Amazon to help you with your concerns.

We understand your concern regarding the account verification. Let’s work together in finding the solution.

As mentioned by @Abella_Amazon, we would request you to submit the above provided documents in order to for our team to help you resolve your query.

In case you are not able to provide any proof that is related to your bank or credit cards, please make sure that you submit the driver’s license as it would be considered a government issued identification. In addition to it, please let us know if you still have any further queries.

Thank you for your post. I hope my response is beneficial towards your business.



It’s not account verification :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


As Peter B said, you need to put @i in front of their names, exactly as Peter did in his above post:
@Abella_Amazon @Maja_Amazon


Did this ever get sorted? I am in exactly the same situation. How do I go to mediation?